June 2014 – 1938 classic motor yacht m.y. shemara

Struik and Hamerslag UK are proud to have been involved with the rebuild and restoration of the 65m classic motor yacht Shemara.

Although remodelled to suit modern standards the interior design re-used many original features and materials in order to retain the character of the 1930’s.

Struik and Hamerslag UK were commissioned in July 2012 as one of three interior contractors, and were directly responsible for the rebuild of the entire Guest Deck, Owners Suite, Day Bar and the Main Staircase and Lobbies.

It was an honour to be involved in such a rare project and we look forward to following MY Shemara as she continues into the next chapter of her colourful and historical life.

Photo by Jake Sugden, courtesy of Shemara Refit LLP.